Firestation Visit

About a  month ago my sister & I took the kids to the local fire station for the open house. We had so much fun & the boys really got a kick out of it so I wanted to make sure to share the day on the blog. After delivering the cookies we baked it was tour time. First they showed us around the fire station. And then it was time to play in the truck. Trying on helmets, talking into headphones & just getting a feel for where the firemen sit.
Then Fireman Joe made my boys day. He offered to let them play with the fire hoses. He had them drag them all over the courtyard trying to tire them out. He definitely doesn't know my boys. 
And then each of the boys had a turn spraying the water. Johnnie went first & was a natural. When he touched it he knew right away to pull the nozzle back to get the water to shoot out. Jimmy went next & wanted Joe to help him.  
And then it was Joey's turn. Just as expected he wasn't timid at all. He immediately shot the water into the air & over the wall. 
And finally it was Fireman Joe's turn. He wanted to show the boys how the water could shoot straight into the air. And this was by far the best part of the day to them. They ran around in circles making sure they were always running toward the water. Once they were soaking wet it was time for a group photo & time for us to leave them to their work. I am so appreciative of everything firemen do for us but especially for opening up their work place, their hearts & the imagination of my boys.  
Afterwards we went to get Joey & Jimmy a haircut & as you can see they were still in good spirits from our earlier adventure.

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Shelly Z. said...

I cannot believe how big Joey is getting! Wow. He's getting huge!! You can tell they are having the BEST time. My favorite pic is the one of them running around in the water. So perfect!!! Firemen are great to share their love with the community.