10 Months

It's happening too quickly. The end of more than 5 years of babies in my house is rapidly approaching a close. I absolutely LOVE babies. And I will miss every baby smell, baby sound all those firsts that come with watching a baby grow. Luckily there are still a lot of moments left. Holly had 2 more teeth come in this month. Her top middle teeth. She discovered her voice & therefore now yells as often as she can. A joyful sound but loud.
She completely loves the bath. As soon as we put her down she stands right next to the bath bouncing her knees & yelling (of course) with her new voice until we put her in.
She loves table food & feeding herself & each day it gets harder to feed her because she is constantly grabbing the spoon to try & feed herself. She is still a happy baby but has had a tough month with teething & her first REAL cold.
She still can't get enough of her brothers & this month Jimmy has jumped to the top of her favorite people list. Our girl is spunky & so happy & I can't wait to see what firsts she accomplishes this next month.

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