School Days

Today was another first in the Bolander house. Joey won't be starting Kindergarten until next year so we decided it was time for him to be in a full time preschool program for the next year so he would be better prepared to spend all day in school. Since we have been on vacation for 2 weeks we decided that it was a good time to start a new school. He was so excited. He spent the last few days telling everyone that he was going to a new school. And then today came. He happily put on his backpack, grabbed his lunch & bravely walked up to the door of Rainbow River. The door opened & we walked in with him at which point he nervously put his finger in his mouth & started whimpering. After a little while in his new classroom it became evident that Joey was not going to stop crying so Miss Vicky & Adriana told us that we should just go. We sadly left him but we knew he would be fine. Well at the end of the day when we arrived to pick him up he was sitting around the table with the other children for story time. He spent the day playing with dinosaurs, reading books, playing with new kids, napping, playing outside & just enjoying himself. We are so proud of him & hope he remembers how much fun he had when we drop him off tomorrow!


J.J. Killins said...

What a big boy Cathy!

Jackie Kelly said...

What a big smile on Joey in this pic -- so cute! Give him a big "way to go" hug from Gramma and Grampa Joe. We miss you all and you only left a few days ago...it's too quiet here now.