8 Months Pregnant

I am now 8 months pregnant. 6 weeks from my due date & 5 weeks from today I will be meeting my new littlest love. Johnnie & Joey are very willing to take photos hugging my belly but Jimmy must know he will no longer be the baby because he is constantly giving my belly kisses & hugs but he keeps running away from my camera. And he is now more interested in daddy than ever.


Megan said...


Shelly Z. said...

I can't believe it!!! Sooooo close!!! Only 5 more weeks til you have that sweet baby girl in your arms. Oh, I am overjoyed for you! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes exceptionally well (it will). Enjoy the last few weeks as the only lady in the house :-).

J.J. Killins said...

Cathy you look so wonderful and happy! Counting down the days with you!