YAY! 15 Months Old

Our little guy is now 15 months old. He is a whopping 18 pounds 11 ounces (seriously... I do feed him. A LOT.) He gives open mouth kisses to just about everyone who asks for one & to some who don't. He can now say 13 words & sign 5 words. His small vocabulary doesn't stop him from constantly talking in "HIS" language to us, the cats & himself. He has finally started handing us books to read to him after months of wanting nothing to do with sitting still for reading time. We now leave a book in his crib to read on his own & enjoy watching & hearing him on the baby monitor. He received this bouncing zebra from grandpa for Christmas & enjoys bouncing on it until the music starts. Then he gets up, bounces his knees, claps his hands & says YAY! Everyday with him brings such happiness to our lives & whenever he learns to do something new I want to bounce my knees, clap my hands & say YAY!


J.J. Killins said...

alla has that zebra at grandma's house!

Katie said...

And I thought for sure he would hit twenty pounds this month!! (-:

Looks like you guys had a nice Christmas and Johnnie is enjoying really enjoying all the new stuff! And look you're still pregnant--yippee!