No 3 words have ever been so cute & yet so annoying at the same time. Johnnie turned 22 months old today & this is his favorite phrase. And wow, he wants everything. His books, his wa-wa, his juice, his toys & his brother just to name a few. His favorite show is still Word World & he can actually watch an entire movie. One movie. Flushed Away. He is trying to speak in sentences & is learning new words everyday. He definitely has an opinion that he wants to express & pouts when you don't agree with them. He still LOVES his pacifier so we have started trying to only let him have it at naptimes & bedtime which makes for some fussy times. As his terrible 2s approach & he continues to test his limits he can still make us laugh nonstop, especially with his love of dancing. And best of all he now says "I wuv you!" These are the 3 BEST words I have ever heard & pray I hear more of.


J.J. Killins said...

so sweet that he says i love you! alla had a cute way of signing it. i remember that before she could say it.

Katie said...

i think the "want" thing lasts for some time...It's nice that they can now tell you what they want, but gosh it quickly becomes an expectation that they are going to get what they want!