10 on Tuesday- Grandparents Edition

1. Johnnie & Joey's gramma & grandpa Joe arrived this past week for a visit with the boys. It took a few hours of being shy but then Johnnie was ready to run around & show them how much fun he can be. And of course they showed both boys how much fun they are as well.

2. Taking walks
3. Playing at the park4. Johnnie can't say "gramma" or "grandpa" but he does know their names are Jackie & Joe. At one point, Jackie put Johnnie down for a nap. When he was ready to get out of his crib we could hear him yelling to get out. At first he yelled "mommy" & when I didn't come, he started yelling "Jackie! Jackie! Jackie" over & over until we came & got him out of the crib.

5. While picking oranges with his gramma, Johnnie picked flowers & gave them to me. So sweet!
6. Gramma, Daddy & Johnnie. Joey was at the beach too but asleep in his stroller. 7. Playing at the beach in the sand8. We visited the Los Angeles Zoo. After entering the park, Johnnie wanted out of the stroller to explore on foot, but within the first 15 minutes he climbed up onto a bench to rest.9. Johnnie had fun pointing out the animals... giraffe, elephant, but especially the monkeys & gorillas- this one just enjoyed laying around.9. Joey spent a lot of time being held this week & he sure seemed to enjoy it.10. We can't wait for our next visit with Gramma & Grandpa Joe. We miss you already.


Megan said...

Grandparents are great. I love that last one of Joey. He is so cute.

Shelly Z. said...

Great pics! I love them all. It looks like you had such a fun trip with the Grandparents!!

J.J. Killins said...

i should do this too! alla's grandparents are here:)

Samantha said...
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