3rd Month

3 months old. 13 pounds. 9 ounces. 24" long. Smiling a lot now on your own & especially in reaction to other people's smiles. Laughing out loud. Not only holding your head up but lifting it up. Only crying when you're tired or hungry. Enjoying being held. Staring out the window of your stroller during walks. Sleeping for longer periods at night. Sometimes only waking up once (yay! for me) but sometimes up to 3 times (so not nice). 1st haircut. More daddy time (napping of course). Love looking at your brother. Getting so big. Up until today you have only rolled over once. During your photo shoot this morning you rolled over 3 times in a row. I'm sure it was because I was trying to take pictures of you, stinker bug. It took awhile but we got some good shots. Then I took some photos during bath time & finally got a photo of you giggling (which you do often now). Happy 3 months big guy.


Megan said...

such a cutie.

Sara said...

I love the strategically placed wash cloth and melted at the pic of Joey and Rick.