Flashback Friday

There wasn't a date on the back of this photo, but I'm guessing it was around 1975 which makes a very blonde little Rick around 2 years old & his sister Krys around 6. Check out how hip parents used to dress. Now we wear jeans & sweats.


Jackie Kelly said...

LOL! Good Lord, Cathy, you've really been digging in the old archives, to find that one. You're close on the year -- possibly 1975 when we still lived in Covington, LA just before we left to go overseas.

Being so dressed up we must have been going somewhere special, otherwise we would have been 'duded' out in some of those really 'stylish' bell-bottoms and tie-dyed Ts that were still popular down south. And look at that helmet 'do' I'm sporting -- yikes.

Fun to see how Rick and Krys were so little back then. My how time flies! Thanks for the memories, Cat -- and quite a few chuckles!


Katie said...

OMG that is hilarious! Those are some long LEGS! How funny would it be to see Jimmy take after his Daddy like that?!