10 on Tuesday

1. I wake up with my hair looking just as it does when I go to bed, so imagine my surprise when I realized that my OWN boys need something done to their hair to look presentable (especially Joey).

2. 3. 4. Sunday afternoon it was so nice outside that we put together Johnnie's play tunnels & houses that he received as a 1st birthday gift & spent the morning enjoying the sun.

Here comes Johnnie6. My House Mama. This is what Johnnie said to me right before he closed the "door". 7. Then a second later he lifted the door open & said "Peek A Boo". 8. We are really trying to teach Joey baby sign especially the way to ask for "more" food so he can stop yelling at me when he's hungry & "all done" so he might stop throwing food on the floor when he's finished. Tonight Johnnie was saying using baby sign, "Joey do you want more yogurt" & "are you done jojo"? Very cute.

9. Me with my baby boy.10. 33 Weeks Pregnant. Me with my soon to be littlest love.


Megan said...

First, you look amazing. Really, you look great. I love those "crazy hair" photos. Too funny.

Katie said...

Really, only 33 weeks? (-:

I need to get a photo of Kelsea's hair in the morning.

J.J. Killins said...

i second what kt says - i need a pic of what alla's hair looks like in the morning.

and, where are you going hot mama? you are quite fancy for a mama of 2.5?