No longer just a one year old

but instead a 13 month old. He is walking so quickly now & will only crawl if Johnnie decides to crawl after him. He is still super close to his buddy Batty. Still can only say mama & dada, but is constantly babbling other words. My little guy who was absolutely in love with me now runs around me to get to his daddy. He has been moved to the next level in his daycare where all of the other children can walk too. He gets to play outside for 2 hours each day. He loves it. He actually cries when it's time to go back inside just like Johnnie used to do. When Johnnie grabs stuff from him a little too roughly, he tries to hit him. He also loves to take sips of water & does raspberries to spit the water out, causing major giggles. He still gives open mouth kisses, loves bath time & goes to sleep chewing on his lovey (froggie blankie). He brightens our day & wakes up each & every morning to me alone or me with Johnnie singing "Good Morning to you. Good Morning to you. Good Morning dear Jojo. Good Morning to you." It makes him smile & if you could hear Johnnie it would make you smile too.


J.J. Killins said...

how does it happen so fast, cathy?

Katie said...

Happy 13 mos Joey! Won't be long before you're a big brother too and can sing to Jimmy!

Megan said...

He is such a cutie. You boys are just gorgeous.