10 on Tuesday

1. 2 more weeks until my baby boy arrives. My OB appointment went well today. For the 1st time ever I showed up 15 minutes early & was walking out of the office within 20 minutes. Unheard of. All of my other appointments for all 3 pregnancies have ranged from 35 minutes- 2 hours. Happy Day. Strong heart beat of 133 beats per minute. Head down. And kicking nonstop.

2. I don't really have a lot going on outside of getting ready for the baby's arrival. Finished hanging up all of his clean clothes today & folding all of his blankets. I can't get over how much clothes you accumulate when you have 3 babies of the same sex over time.

3. I bought Johnnie a new potty for his bathroom. It's white & sits on the floor. When he saw it, he kicked it & told me "No like it potty. I like diapers. Give to Jojo." Okay, so maybe he's not ready yet. I was just hoping to get him moving in that direction so I could just be changing 2 babies in diapers. Doesn't he look like a big boy who would be ready?
4. The next night he was willing to sit on the potty with his diaper on. And with no pressure from us he wants to sit on it all the time without his diaper but doesn't seem to have an interest in actually using it. All in good time, right?

5. Lately bath time is ending later & later because the boys are enjoying playing together. This means that Joey is exhausted when he gets out. He will usually lay down on the towel on the bathroom floor or just put his head on my shoulder when he's done.
6. But as usual he usually perks up when the camera is around. 7. Johnnie has started imitating things he sees in movies. His favorite these days is "The Curse of the Were Rabbit". There is this scene where the rabbit stomps his feet & Johnnie always jumps up off the couch to follow along.8. And after the stomping the rabbit picks up a tree & throws it & of course Johnnie does too.9. It gets harder & harder everyday to get photos of Joey. As soon as he sees the camera he comes running toward it.10. And just like a lot of babies, Joey loves his lovey. His stuffed froggie blanket that he chews on until he falls asleep.

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J.J. Killins said...

oh cathy i love all those pics. i've been thinking of you and that baby coming soon!