Ten on Tuesday

1. First & foremost...Happy Birthday to my dad & dear friend j.j.

2. Our big guy is now facing forward in his carseat & this makes him very happy.3. He used to cry when we put him in the seat & most of the drive home. Now he usually plays with his toys, babbles or falls asleep.

4. And Joey sleeps hard in the seat. He wakes up sweaty with disheveled hair.5. I'm already 33 weeks along in my pregnancy. It's gone really quickly since I have only known I was pregnant for 19 weeks. I will have Rick take a photo of me this weekend to post. I'm pretty big & the baby feels like he really wants out at this point since the way he pushes on me makes me pretty uncomfortable. Less than 6 weeks to go.

6. Speaking of that. My surgery is scheduled for February 23rd @ 9am. Even though I don't get to experience natural childbirth it is kind of nice to know exactly when to expect the little guy so I can make plans at home for the other boys.

7. Joey is officially a walker but occasionally he likes to crawl around & usually has this smile on his face when he does it. 8. I went for a walk last night with my sister Kayci & I can't believe how tired I get just walking for an hour even if most of it is uphill.

9. It's been so hot here. I heard on the weather channel that our lows at night have been 10 degrees warmer than the average highs that we usually have during this time of year. I hope it gets cold again. All of my maternity clothes that still fit are meant to be worn when it's a little cooler than 80 degrees.

10. Maybe it's the age or maybe it's just Johnnie but sometimes he just likes to pout for NOTHING. Maybe he doesn't like my camera in his face. He also really likes using my nursing pillow as his pillow on the couch these days.

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J.J. Killins said...

thanks cathy and happy birthday rick!