Johnnie started asking for a skateboard sometime right after his birthday but we told him that he would have to ask Santa for that because his parents are just not that cool. So he began writing letters to Santa weekly & drawing photos of himself on a skateboard that we would find all over the house. After months of this he was very excited on Christmas morning when the last gift opened under the Christmas tree was a board for him to learn to ride on along with elbow & knee pads. So right after breakfast we headed outside to learn how to ride. Before he really tried to ride he had me take a photo of him standing on the board to show me what he would look like once he learned to ride. And then he stepped on to really try. After a few minutes he got the hang of it & didn't look half bad. I'm sure there will be bumps & bruises along the way but watching him learn to do something he really wants is worth it.

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