The Many Faces of Joey

Joey's five. It's hard to believe because even though his older brother is already 6, Joey just seems so much younger to me. He is such a smart boy but he is by far our most challenging child. Defiant, hard-headed, not influenced by peer pressure or intimidation, funny & he still has a smile that melts our hearts. He can now write the letters of the alphabet & numbers. He's learning to read & color in preschool. During his well check he passed his hearing test & vision test. He's 42" tall & 38lbs. 30% for both. He's an outstanding athlete when he wants to be & he will be playing baseball in the spring again. He loves to make faces & here are just a few of them. 
Sad face 
mischievous face 
angry face 
& my favorite, happy face.  
Our boy is full of life & even though he's difficult at times he brightens each of our days. We love you Joey!

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Jackie Kelly said...

The many faces of Joey -- all adorable!