Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is always exciting but now that I have children it means so much more to me. Seeing their faces when they come down the stairs to find the tree lit up with presents all around is something that I will never forget.  
And this year was the first year that Holly was able to join in on the fun. Santa Claus brought all the gifts the kids asked for. We follow the same tradition for Santa that a lot of our friends do. Something you WANT, NEED, WEAR & READ.  Johnnie was very specific for his WANT request. He had to have Patriots gear so he was given a 
tee shirt & a beanie.  
Joey stuck with his love for Spiderman when requesting his WANT. Sheets so as he put it he could be with Spidey even while sleeping. Jimmy also WANTED Spiderman stuff so he received a tee shirt & some Uggs since he is constantly wearing his mama's. And well Holly got a little help with her requests but the one thing she does ask for all day are books, books, books so Santa didn't disappoint. And just as expected she wanted to read them as soon as she unwrapped them. There were family gifts, family hugs & of course family photos. It was a wonderful Christmas morning & I feel very lucky that we are able to be so generous with our kids & hope they truly appreciate how lucky we are to be together with family on this special day. 

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