Bring on 3

My littlest boy is 3 years old. It's hard to believe. For so long he has been our baby boy. Our sweet child is done with the terrible twos & is now entering the unknown 3s. He is still our best cuddler & eater. He loves his older brothers even though they do fight a lot these days
& he has stepped into his role as big brother wholeheartedly.
He still loves books
the swings at the park
& when he doesn't get what he wants he lets you know it with lots of yelling & crying.
Rather than having a party we spent the day at Disneyland with his Auntie Kayci, brother Joey & myself. It was such a fun day that started at his birth time of 0950 right outside the gates of Disneyland. Our Jimmy was very ready to celebrate his day.
He happily posed with the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland as long as the queen stayed far away.
It was a fun jam packed day. 8 hours, 11 rides, snacks, lunch, some tears, some laughs & just a great day spent with my boys. Thank you Kayci for spending the day with us. I know Jimmy loves his time with you & so do I.
We ended our day with a group photo
& headed home for dinner with the family, birthday wishes, presents & of course a cake decorated with superheroes which continues to be a favorite.
I look forward to allowing you to make some of your own decisions over the next year, watching you grow & change & just becoming less of a toddler & more of a big boy. And just maybe you will grow out of the 25% over the next year at 37" & 29 lbs. We love you Jimmy Coco-pop which is what you call yourself.

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Jackie Kelly said...

What an exciting day for everyone at Uncle Walt's place. Great shots of all sides of Jimmy's personality too -- even the boo-hoo one. Cute pic of Jimmy and Holly reading together with Rick. Must have been a 'scary' story -- look at Holly's expression! ;)