Play Ball

A new season. A new sport. A chance to make new friends. A chance to excel & have fun.
Johnnie is now playing T-Ball.
So far there have been 3 practices, an opening day parade & one game & I can honestly say that we are happy to be a Baseball Family (for now anyway.) This weekend was the first game. It was so fun. Johnnie's team, the Pirates, played the Dodgers. It was such a great experience. Every parent, family member & friend yelled & hollered for every kid on the field no matter what uniform they were wearing. It was just so fun to watch the kids rolling around on the ground, piling on top of each other trying to get the ball. Johnnie earned the nickname of Wheels. No matter what position he was playing he would run after every single ball that was hit. He enjoyed himself. He ran his heart out. He shared some laughs with his teammates.And I think his favorite part was that his daddy was out on the field with him helping coach. And it wasn't just fun for him but every member of his family that came out to watch. We love you wheels! Go Pirates!

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J.J. Killins said...

That is awesome Cathy!