1/2 Year Birthday

The days seem to go by very slowly & yet suddenly my baby girl is one month older already. At 6 months old she now weighs 15 lbs & is 25 1/4" long both in the 25th percentile. She is a tiny little thing but holds a huge place in every heart in our home. Holly is such an easy baby. She rarely cries, soothes herself to sleep, loves to smile, sleeps on her belly, recognizes her name, reaches up to be picked up & ABSOLUTELY loves water.

Our little girl still has her lovely little mohawk.
She loves her feet especially in her mouth.
She can sit up.
She knows exactly what she wants & goes after it.
As soon as she saw her daddy eating ice cream she grabbed it & shoved it in her mouth & she couldn't get enough of it.
It was Valentine's Day though so we didn't have the heart to stop her. Could you really tell her no?
And this last photo is one of my favorites. I love so many things about our baby girl but my favorite by far is the way she looks at me with her very dark eyes. Happy 1/2 year baby girl! We love you so much more every day if that is possible.

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Jackie Kelly said...

What a sweetie! That last pic is my favorite one too. Can't wait to see her again in July. Give her a hug and kiss from Gramma and Grampa Joe.