My love.

I write this blog mostly to keep a record of what our lives are like with all of our children as they grow up. I look forward to being able to read about memories of our day to days along with photos to remind myself of the little things that will probably fade with time. But tonight I want to remember who makes my happiness so possible. My best friend. My husband. My love. We spend our days waking, feeding, bathing, disciplining, laughing, reading, doing homework & playing with children. We also manage to fit in full time jobs, the occasional work out & the rare date night. A night to spend completely alone (well Holly tags along right now). Trying to catch up on how our lives are going. We talk about where we want to live, what things we want in our future & quite honestly we just enjoy talking uninterrupted. There is something so nice about being able to have an ENTIRE meal including dessert & coffee without once having to take care of anyone else. We look at it as our time to just be us. Our conversations always make their way back to the children but during these dinners we only remember the best moments. The ones that make us smile & laugh. I love my life. I love my kids. But most of all I love my Rick & our moments together.

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