Trick or Treat

So with the pumpkin carved (design by a very proud Johnnie) & sitting out front we were ready for the big night to arrive. And arrive it did. Halloween came & went quickly this year. We decided to let the boys pick out their own costumes. And then we in turn tried to choose costumes that would go with. Johnnie decided that he wanted to be a parrot. But not just any parrot. A Pirate's parrot. So we found a Pirate costume for daddy because what is a parrot without a shoulder to perch on. And daddy made a fantastic pirate. He was quite the swash buckler. Our friendly dog wanted a picture with the pirate too & I think he thought the sword was a bone. Knowing that Holly would probably sleep in the stroller the entire night I wanted to get her a costume that would be really comfy but still cute. So a ladybug seemed perfect. But a baby bug needs a mama bug to protect her so that's how my costume was chosen. A few more pictures & we were ready to head out. Our 4 cuties & a family photo. At first the boys would walk up to the door together. They would all say Trick or Treat in unison quickly followed by Joey telling every neighbor that he is Scooby Doo (in case they couldn't tell.) But it soon became obvious that Jimmy as Elmo wanted to go at a slower pace. So Daddy stayed with the big boys, I stayed with Elmo & thankfully Auntie Kim enjoyed pushing Holly (who was alseep) in the stroller. This year we made it 2 block & 45 minutes. Not bad!

And of course we had to check out the loot before we could let the boys (& ourselves) eat any. It really was a Happy Halloween.

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