The Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year again. The time when we all pile into the car & drive the whole 3 miles to our local pumpkin patch. Not a lot has changed at George's Pumpkin Patch. Nothing fancy. No hay rides. Only a few animals wandering around & rows of pumpkins. But the boys are still happy just being pulled around in the wagon. And of course they still love picking out their pumpkins to take home. Johnnie always goes for the big ones but the rule is that we will buy the one he can carry himself. And he did. A perfect round one that we will carve for Halloween night.Jimmy spent a lot of time with grandpa trying to pick his perfect one. At one point he tried to convince us to get two but in the end he settled on one. And once again Joey was connected to daddy who helped him find his pumpkin. With the pumpkins picked out this left us free to get some photos. A little grandpa love& photos of our baby girl's 1st visit to the pumpkin patch with her auntie Kim, her biggest brother & her mama. And before we went home we took the chance to get a family photo. The first of many I hope since for now it's like pulling teeth to get all the kids together but that's okay since it gives me such joy to see the whole family in one photo.


Megan said...

I love the pumpkin patch photos. The boys look so proud of their pumpkins!

Shelly Z. said...

GREAT family photo!!! So glad you captured that. Isn't it a pain trying to get everyone together? Ugh. We have the hardest time with that. You look so great, Cathy!! You may as well just keep having more kids - it suits you!!