13 Weeks & Counting

Holly Moon is 3 months old now. Still in the 50% (23") for height & 40% (12 lbs) for weight. She has changed so much this month. She stays awake a lot more during the day. She is sleeping 10 hours at night with one feeding. She still can't stand tummy time so we are trying other ways to build up her neck & tummy muscles like sitting in her high chair during dinner & watching us from her bumbo. She still has weekly playdates with her 6 week older bestie, Whitney. She loves napping with the sunlight on her on the living room floor. She absolutely adores sitting in her carseat as long as it's not in the car. And she loves me. Her mama. Probably because I'm her only food source & I'm constantly doing funny dances for her. She is such a doll & her brothers are finally starting to entertain & be entertained by their baby sister. Her life will drastically change in a few weeks when she starts spending her days at daycare. I will miss her dearly but I know she will be okay with the same caregivers that took care of her brothers. We love you baby girl. Happy 3 Months!

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