10 on Tuesday

1. So last week was a big week for Holly Moon. She started daycare. She spends her day under the watchful eye with the same 3 ladies that took care of Johnnie, Joey & Jimmy. She was happy watching all the other babies & smiled most of the day as long as there was not a bottle in sight. The sight of those caused many a tear. But by the 2nd day I think she realized that she had to drink the bottles to get food so she happily drank all of them. She is adjusting well & although I miss spending my entire day with her I'm happy that I trust & care deeply for her caregivers.

2. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Lots of yummy food, football, family & friends. No pictures of us from that day because we take the opportunity to take our Christmas card photos each year on Thanksgiving since we are dressed somewhat nice & have lots of family around to motivate the kids to look at the camera.

3. My sisters were here of course. 4. Us girls made sure to pull our dad away from the football game to get a photo with him.5. Kayci's boyfriend Christian spent part of his day here. Eating the 1st of 3 Thanksgiving dinners. 6. Kim & Joe ate the 1st of 2 dinners with us. 7. And Jen spends every year with us.8. The boys weren't interested in turkey dinner so they feasted on cereal in the evening & paused for a few seconds to smile at my camera. 9. And Holly Moon is now 15 weeks old. Such a happy baby with dark big eyes with long lashes, chubby cheeks & pouty pink lips. 10. After taking pictures of each of the kids for the Christmas card I decided to try to get some more photos of Joey . I don't like to use bribery but I'm not above offering candy to get a good photo. As soon as Jimmy heard the word candy he came running outside yelling I'll smile. I already a great photo of him for the card but I absolutely adore this picture of him. He looks so happy but he also looks like such a big boy.

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