I tried for the Tuesday 10 but it's Friday.

1. Last week Holly got her 1st haircut. We have done this to each of our children between 5-7 weeks old & I personally think she looks adorable. And look at the little piles of hair. Thanks daddy.2. Her after shot.3. Here is a shot of each of the kids after their hair cuts. I personally think she looks EXACTLY like Johnnie.4. Johnnie had his 1st school photo this Wednesday & so last weekend we practiced a little. I think he looks cute but lets hope he looks at the camera. 5. Say cheese Joey. Okay he says but only if he can take the pic with daddy.6. Jimmy is such a little entertainer. Always making us giggle.On this day he was laying with daddy & playing hide and seek with his blanket.7. Daddy spending some time with his baby girl. I guess they were both tired.8. It's always been difficult to get a picture of the 3 boys together & now trying to get 4 of them to cooperate is going to be practically impossible but I'm up for the challenge. 9. I have been trying to train Holly to take a bottle for 5 days now. I basically nurse her in the morning & then only offer bottles until bedtime. She still screams & cries for that 1st bottle, takes the 2nd one, pushes the 3rd one around & drinks some of it & then tearfully takes the 4th. WOW! She is stubborn.

10. My girl is 7 weeks old now. Her BFF's mom described her to a tee. Very focused & intense & maybe that's why she is so stubborn about the bottle.

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