Happy Birthday Johnnie

Johnnie turned 5 years old today. It's hard to believe how quickly he has gone from being our only baby to a big boy who is going to school everyday along with being a big brother to 2 little brothers & a baby sister. Our boy is usually very well behaved & his daddy & I are still trying to get used to him asserting himself. He is very sweet & always the first one to try & help us out especially with Holly. He no longer really enjoys being in front of the camera & basically just puts up with his mama & the crazy amount of photos I like to take. This morning before he left for school I had to get his official photo since I don't think he or his teacher would appreciate me coming in to take his photo at 9:50am so here is Johnnie at 7:15am. Such a big boy with the leftover tattoo from his party on his face, wearing his I'm 5 sticker on the outfit he picked out for the day himself. The baby fat is completely gone but if I look really hard I can still see that little baby face he used to have. At his official birth time he was sitting in his Early Bird class & I imagine he was getting this Happy Birthday hat from his teacher to wear all day. It made him feel really special to have the attention put on him. He wore it all day & then all evening until it was time for bath. I wanted to share this photo because he loves to investigate stuff (a leaf here) & mostly because it shows off his cute little dimple. Like me he only has the one on his right cheek. And this next photo is one of my favorites I have taken recently of him. Eyes all sparkly, small smile, looking right at me & being totally cooperative. I love this face! And tonight his grandpa & Auntie Kim came over for dinner & cupcakes & to open some presents. And here he is in all his glory. Birthday hat, Batman cape, Batman tee-shirt & his cupcake with his 5 year old candle.And at 5 his favorite thing is still superheroes which is how we chose the theme for his birthday party this year. We honestly were not planning to have a party for him this year but weeks before his birthday he started asking questions about the non-existent party so I decided we better not disappoint him. So we quickly planned a small party with food, a cake, some of his friends & of course a Batman bouncer. A Spiderman cake. Birthday wishes. And most importantly friends & family (some sporting superhero themed tee-shirts.). And no party or event would be complete without the attempt at a family photo. And now with 6 I think we are going to be lucky to just get some of the kids looking forward but today we lucked out. It may not be portrait worthy but it does include all of us & everyone is looking at the camera. Small miracles. And I absolutely love it!

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