Tuesday Check In

1. My boys have always enjoyed certain household chores. But the favorite has always been spraying & wiping. Usually more spraying than wiping but at least it's a start. And Jimmy is no different. Now when he grabs that spray bottle I point him toward a window or glass door.2. With the addition of a new family member laundry has been raised to a whole new level. In order to keep up I now do at least one load a day if not two so when my boys ask me if they can paint I reluctantly say yes. It makes a big mess but it keeps them busy, happy & outside for a good long time. And then we get pretty pieces of art to hang in my office but they also really enjoy painting their faces. 3.And as you can see they are often very proud.
4. And little brother Jimmy likes to do whatever Johnnie does.5. And for once Joey didn't paint himself. He was too busy eating fruit & painting the outside of the house.6. Grandpa just returned from a business trip in Hawaii & Holly was very happy to see him or at least calm in his arms. Maybe she knew he brought mama some Kona coffee & chocolate covered macadamia nuts & she would get a little taste at feeding times.7. Joey is becoming such a big boy. His preschool teachers say he is thriving in class now that his big brother is no longer there with him. Maybe it's because he is now the big brother in school but whatever the reason we are so happy for him & so proud of him. But we still can't keep his clothes on.8. I just ordered 401 photos yesterday. YIKES! Some for photo albums, some for scrapbooking & some to update the frames in our home with more recent pictures that now include Holly.

. Holly is 5 weeks old. She still spends a lot of the day sleeping & I'm glad I captured this face. This is the smirk she gives as she falls asleep. 10. I take Holly on a walk most mornings. She usually stays awake for about one block & then she falls asleep & peacefully just enjoys the walk.

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Jackie Kelly said...

Love the shot of the boys with paint all over their faces. Looks like it was a great birthday party too. Hope we can Skype this weekend to see the Birthday Boy in action. His 'going to school' smile is sweet.