And so the Bolander sports life begins. Johnnie is signed up for his very first organized sports team. Soccer. Ages 4-6. And today was the first game. 1pm. Field of Dreams Field #1. The Wahoos (his team) vs. The Batfish. It was quite entertaining. 10 little boys on a field running, kicking towards whichever goal they happened to be near, tackling each other & pretty much just a free for all going after a ball. Johnnie has been a little reluctant to play because he was worried he wouldn't score or be good enough. But within minutes of the game starting that worry subsided as he dribbled the ball down the field & scored the 1st goal of the game. And when he turned away from the net he was really proud of himself as he went to throw his arms in the air. He spent most of the game running laps around the field but he did get a few more good kicks in. And each time the other time had the ball he ran back to protect the goal. The game ended early for him once he was kicked really hard in the knee & decided he was finished but I would say his 1st game of soccer was an overall success.

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