Holly is One Month Old

& getting bigger EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. She literally outgrew her Newborn diapers & Newborn clothes within days. One day they were huge on her & not 3 days later they were too tight. She started of in the 10% for weight & height & now she is in the 50% for both. She weighs 9 pounds 5.5 ounces & is 21 inches long. She sleeps 14-16 hours a day. She eats every 3 hours all day & every 4 hours at night. The only problem is that even though she is only usually getting up once a night to eat she stays up for 1-3 hours which means I stay up for 1-3 hours. She spends most of her days sleeping, occasionally cooing at me, crying if she gets cold or not fed quick enough, trying to lift up her head during tummy time & is very easily startled by loud noises. The boys love to kiss her, hug her & are constantly patting her head. She smiles as she falls asleep & is just such an adorable addition to our family. While trying to take her one month photo today she yawned a lot & spent most of the time sleeping. I love watching her grow & look forward to watching her change but knowing every day is one step closer to us having no more babies in our home makes me wish time would slow down just a little. We all love you Holly Moon!

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Jennifer said...

I can't believe she's so big! Would love to see you when I'm there in October. Message me your phone number.