Going Home

After 4 sleepless nights in the hospital it was time to take our baby girl home. One last feeding, a going home weigh in of 6 pounds 7 ounces, a Newborn size baby pink going home outfit & some more photos & it was finally time.

Daddy hasn't been able to spend as many hours with Holly as he would like but in those few short hours he has completely fallen in love. I have been falling more in love with my newest bundle since December but being able to have my photo taken holding her puts a very big smile on my face. After wards a very kind volunteer rolled Holly & me down to the car to head home. She was buckled in to her car seat for the very 1st time & driven home to get settled into her new home to await the craziness known as the Bolander brothers to get home from school. Johnnie & Jimmy kept fighting over who got to hold her next but Joey happily waited till later in the evening to take his turn. Holly Moon completes our home. We now have a house that is FULL of noise, children, boys AND girls, happiness, chaos & more love than I could have ever wished for.

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