Baby Holly is 1 Week Old

How can it be that a week has already gone by? Our beautiful little girl with daddy's fingers & mama's toes. Baby Holly is what the boys call her. So far she is a very calm & loving baby. She loves to be held which is a good thing since the boys are constantly asking to hold her any chance they get. She rarely cries. Not even during her first bath. I think she actually enjoyed it. She is a great eater. She loves to sleep. And last night she went 4 hours & 15 minutes between feedings. She has settled so easily into our lives & home & our world is so much better with her in it. Happy One Week Holly Moon! We all love you!


J.J. Killins said...

oh cathy i'm just so happy for you all!!

Shelly Z. said...

So cute and so fun! It looks like the boys are just LOVING her!!