Beach Date

1. It was a beautiful Columbus Day weekend so two families, 4 adults, 5 children & a lot of beach toys ventured out to Redondo Beach. 2. There was beach soccer with a large beach ball. Currently being held hostage by Jimmy at the moment.3. An impromptu beach date. 4. A lot of time spend holding daddy's hands to watch the ocean.5. Running back & forth from the shore to the sand to bring water for sand play.6. Teaching little brothers & sisters how to build a sand castle.7. Time to just enjoy the view.8. Playing shy when interacting with new adults. Wallis was trying to convince you to come in the water but you were having no part of that. You just stood there staring at him.9. Thank you Laughrey girls for a lovely day at the beach.10. The only way to get all the sand off is a bath of course. And what better way to end a playdate, right? Notice that only the Laughrey girls are smiling. The Bolander boys are too busy playing in a new tub to notice their mama with a camera.


Katie said...

Cute post! Love the bath shot--hilarious! I need to send my family over to your blog. :-)

J.J. Killins said...

i think katie should start a wall of photos of kids in the bath with her kids:)