Friday Five

It's Friday & that means the weekend is right around the corner. That also means more time with the boys to catch up, take more photos & just enjoy our time together. But before that I wanted to share some of our recent goings on.

1. Johnnie's gramma & grandpa Joe could not be here for Johnnie's birthday party but we did manage to share cake & a birthday song with them the evening of his actual birthday.2. Johnnie modeling his new fireman pajama top from the Vuoso boys. 3. Auntie Kim showing Johnnie her birthday gift to him. He was shocked at first but then he happily jumped up & down & gave him a high five. It's a Spiderman wall decal & all the boys love it. 4. Thanks to Auntie Kim watching the boys all day Rick & I were able to go to the University of Washington vs USC Football game. (UW won 32-31). It was a great game & a great afternoon/evening spent alone (along with the other 90,000 fans) watching football & eating. 5. And because Auntie Kim is always so willing to watch the boys they really enjoy her company & happily love to show her how much they love her.


Sara said...

So glad he likes his jammies.

Jackie Kelly said...

Yes, we had a wonderful time at Johnnie's Skype Birthday Party. Hope we didn't scare everyone with our off-key Happy Birthday song. We got such a kick out of seeing all the boys eat that chocolate cake -- a little preview of their teen appetites, eh? See you all soon -- the real thing, not Skype!