The Local Patch

This time of year is always the start of my favorite season. The weather starts to cool down & it's the start of the holiday & birthday season in our home. 1st we had Johnnie's birthday, then Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Joey's birthday (on New Year's Eve), daddy's birthday, Valentine's Day & Jimmy's birthday all in a 5 month period. And part of working our way toward Halloween is visiting the pumpkin patch. We used to go to the big farms with the rides & hay mazes but for some reason our boys didn't seem to enjoy these places. They just wanted to run around touching the pumpkins & mostly just trying to keep away from mama's camera. So keeping with a longstanding tradition (it began last year) we visited our local pumpkin patch here in town. A lot has changed since last year. All the boys can now walk but they still enjoy being pulled around in the wagon. Gramma was here this time & of course Auntie Kim but Auntie Kayci & Grandpa couldn't make it. And this year the boys did some of the pulling. And I think we discovered where Johnnie gets his sense of humor. Each time I look at these two photos I laugh out loud. I spent lots of our time there chasing Joey around trying to get just one picture of him watching the animals or playing with the pumpkins but all I got was a blur as he ran around so daddy helped me out out. Johnnie & Jimmy thankfully were happy to oblige with big smiles & giggles. And take notice of their new short haircuts. Joey escaped the scissors for now by being sick. And no trip anywhere would be complete without an attempt at a family photo.

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Katie said...

Amazing how much change in a year! I love their new haircuts! I told Rick I didn't even recognize Jimmy the first time I saw him at the CDC!