Labor Day Holiday Wrap Up

Labor Day weekend was thankfully very sunny so we spent most of it outside in the water. Swimming at a birthday party with neighbors & then visiting friends in Orange county. We decided to buy the boys life vests to make the water time a little more manageable & therefore more fun for all. Johnnie is in swim lessons but he still can't swim for a long time on his own & well with mostly two adults in the pool & 3 children we just felt it was safer. And they loved being able to move around the pool on their own. Well at least two of them did. Jimmy rather enjoyed laying on his back & floating. And of course being held. Auntie Kim was with us both days which allowed me to take photos. She used to be a lifeguard & swim instructor so she was able to take our timid Jojo from a scared boy holding on to his daddy to a boy excited to jump in & swim around. And Johnnie our little swimmer just swam around the pool & of course did some jumping of his own. And of course there was time for lunch eaten while hanging all over daddy by the pool. And after a long weekend of swimming the boys were wiped out. Within minutes of leaving the OC they were fast asleep. Until our next weekend.


Megan said...

I love activities that wear the kids out!

Katie said...

Swimming is the best for that! You should put Joey in swimming with Johnnie since he seems to enjoy it so much!