1/2 Year Birthdays

It's hard to believe but my baby boy is now 18 months old. There is just something about this time 1/2 way between ages that I love. All my boys seem sassier like they know they are approaching the next age & therefore decide to enter the next stage right then & there. He throws temper tantrums like we have never seen in this home. Take something away from him that he wants & he screams, pushes you away, lays on the floor & cries & then eventually gets up, smiles & walks away like nothing happened. Luckily this doesn't happen that often. Usually we get to experience a sweet, lovable, happy baby boy. You love to giggle & will laugh at just about anything especially your daddy & brothers. You have an infectious smile, more of a smirk actually. You squint your eyes & suck on your lip to soothe yourself. You love the animals at the zoo & stare intently at them pointing & yelling at them. You LOVE books. Being read to. Reading them with your brothers. And looking at them on your own. You know a ton of words. Too many to count but some of your favorites are mine, ball, car, choo choo, Spongebob, peese (please) & dank you (thank you). Whenever daddy works late or leaves the house before you wake up you walk around the house pointing at his pictures saying "Dada, dada, dada" over & over. You are such a joy & add so much to our home. With each day that passes your personality emerges a little more & you fit right in with your crazy brothers. I look forward to watching you approach age 2 & hope that you will leave the terrible twos behind you over the next 6 months so go ahead & spread out those tantrums.

Happy 1/2 Birthday my little mama's boy!

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Katie said...

Happy half Birthday Jimmy!
How did his appt go?