Few & Far Between

As parents of 3 young boys our date nights don't come as often as we would like but when they do they are always treasured moments. Last night was no exception. The boys were fed & left in the trusty hands of their auntie Kim who is always willing to help us out (especially since her night life still continues after we get home) & we were off to enjoy Shabu Shabu at Yojie. Semi-dressed up in non parenting clothes, good conversation & only ourselves to worry about. What more could we want for 3 hours on a Friday night.


Megan said...

You two look great! It actually looks like Rick is kind of holding you up with his one arm in that picture. I love our date nights even though they are limited!

Katie said...

Cute top! We are looking forward to date night in Kauai!

J.J. Killins said...

Awesome! I LOVE your top, too!