Random Ten on Tuesday

1. Daddy has traveled this month & been super busy with work. So he is not home most mornings when they wake up & sometimes only makes it home in time to put them to bed. And in case you can't tell the boys are super excited to have some quality daddy time. 2. Johnnie will be 4 in 5 1/2 weeks & just recently he has really started looking older. Still very thin but he is stretching out & getting muscular. He has a new found love for games & movies on the iPhone. And he lays around the way I would expect a boy to. All spread out & relaxed. 3. And just like that he looks like such a baby to me again. This is him tired after his swim lesson. 4. My 1/2 marathon training is going well. I am up to 7 miles for my long run. It feels pretty good. When I come home I'm not too tired so either I'm running too slow or my body is getting used to the pounding of the pavement and thankfully so are my knees.

5. Joey is now 31 months old. Feisty. Stubborn. Loving. Sweet. And most of all such a boy. He really loves to lay down. In the front yard bushes & anywhere in the house especially to watch a movie. Take your time Joe. 3 isn't going anywhere. 6. I avoided it as long as I could but I finally gave in & joined Facebook. I have been enjoying catching up with old college friends.

7. Just a typical warm afternoon. Stripped down after naptime because they are too warm to wear clothes. 8. It seems my boys really don't like being cooped up in the house. Jimmy (& even Oscar) were trying to escape out the front window.9. Jimmy is such a fun loving little guy. I take them out of the bathtub one at a time youngest to oldest & it usually works out okay but not tonight. While I was putting Joey's pjs on I heard laughter coming from the bathroom & when I came in this is what I saw. Jimmy happily playing in the tub in his pajamas. I wanted to be mad but he was just so darn happy. 10. Evening picnics. Everyone has been talking about what a cold summer we have been having but here at the Bolander house we have been enjoying warm 75-80 degree days & 70 degree evenings allowing for dinners outside. On this particular evening while daddy was out of town they were treated to McDonalds happy meals & they were very happy to have these on the front lawn.


Katie said...

Getting in the bath with her pjs on is something Lorelei would definitely do! See they are perfect for each other--LOL!

At least you get to enjoy nice weather. :-)

Jackie Kelly said...

I'm going to print out the "picnic" picture and put it up on my fridge, along with the header shot -- love it!