My son has always brought a huge smile to my face but there are times when he tests me. Grunts instead of answers, whining, saying no & basically just trying to push every button I have. But this week he has pushed me more than usual. It's almost as though he wants to see how far he can take it before I'm dragging him up the stairs to put him in time out raising my voice & letting a toddler get the best of me. We always end our evenings with hugs & I Love Yous but sometimes I need to just take a step back, take a deep breath & remember that this little stinker made me who I am today, a mama! And with that privilege comes the ups & downs of parenting. I love him & in case you couldn't tell from the photos these are Johnnie & me through the years.


Jackie Kelly said...

Sweet memories of your first born. What a handsome little guy. Also love the photo of Jimmy's artistic use of pink paint: perhaps a future member of a rejuvination of the singing group Kiss? He'll have to switch to black. And of course Joey's always there with his devilish smile. Cuties all.

Jennifer said...

It must be in the air--both of mine have been button pushers lately too! Miss you guys. :-(