10 on Tuesday

1. Last month when I went up to visit my best friend I enjoyed a great girls night out & wanted to share photo.2. I have been trying new recipes twice a week every week but just the other night Rick mentioned that I haven't repeated any of the meals. So a new project for me has begun. A new binder of KEEP recipes. Tonight was whole wheat pasta, tomatoes, garlic, Italian sausage, zucchini & artichoke hearts. YUM!

3. Johnnie has been sleeping in a bed for more than year & we are ready to move Joey to a bed once we actually take his crib apart but now we continue to find Johnnie & Joey cuddled together every morning. On this particular morning a flash was not such a nice way to wake up.4. My little family of 5 will soon be taking our first family vacation to Lake Arrowhead with some friends. We have never gone away except to visit family so this will be a new experience.

5. The latest photo of me with my baby sisters. 6. Just received my first book in the mail about photography. Looking forward to reading about how to actually take a photo.

7. Jimmy loves his lovey. His little bunny. His "Mine" as he calls it. It goes everywhere with him.8. I love Fall TV. Most looking forward to the return of Grey's Anatomy & Fringe. And of course one Tree Hill.

9. Hello Smiley! The look that is usually on our boys' face. 10. And the last photo I took this weekend. My boys being them the way they are these days. Johnnie showing us what he looks like when we ask him to "smile". I think we'll keep working on that. Joey sort of cooperating by being in the shot but not looking at the camera or smiling. And Jimmy happily surrounded by his big brothers being squeezed with hugs.


J.J. Killins said...

goodness gracious jimmy is SO blonde! i can't get over it! you look stunning as usual in your pics!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for joy

Steven said...

Thank-you for joy