Boys will be Boys

1. Growing up with sisters & NO brothers I got very used to being in a girly home. Hearing all about girl stuff. Hair, makeup, boys, nail polish & just girl stuff.

2. Now I live in a home surrounded by boys. A husband & 3 sons. And I hear & see the strangest things.

3. Jimmy still doesn't do much more than grunt which is a pretty manly thing to do, right? But at the ripe old age of 14 months one of his favorite activities is wrestling. With me & his daddy but especially with his brothers.4. His brothers on the other hand not only act like boys but speak of boy things. Very boy things.

5. The other night Johnnie called me over to show me his new trick of spinning a hanger around his umm pee pee. Neat trick but really.

6. He & Joey get inside the bath & pee right away but not just in the water but on each other. Another thing I don't understand but it still makes me laugh.

7. Johnnie just keeps getting older. And now with little bribes like letting him watch what he wants on tv he will actually look at me & give me a little smile. 8. Have I ever mentioned that all of the boys in my house laugh when they fart?

9. And Joey. All I can say is what a handful but oh my, so sweet. Growing up when we would say "I love you" to our mom she would reply "I love you more." So that's what I say to our boys. Goodnight Joey. I love you. He now replies "I love you more." And we just continue to say it back & forth to each other. It will never get old. 10. The new blog banner. While I was in my office this weekend I assumed the boys were playing nicely in the living room. When I looked over all 3 of them were trying to climb out the front window. They had pushed the screen out playing & then thought they could go outside & play. If they are trying to escape at the age of 1,2 & 3 I wonder what I can expect when they get older?


Megan said...

I was thinking that those gorgeous boys of yours were up to something in that new banner. I love that picture.

Jennifer said...

Can I say that I totally know what you mean about living in a house of boys? Somedays I feel like they're conspiring against the only girl in the house. :-)

Shelly Z. said...

Love the new banner!!!