Big Tears. Little Boy.

It started off as such a calm, nice Saturday morning. A boy with a full head of blonde hair was happily chasing his brothers around the yard. But very soon he was in the middle of a meltdown in his mama's lap. Getting his very first professional haircut. I guess he didn't like the water that was sprayed on his hair. He actually looked quite frightened. And when it didn't end soon enough he started screaming. Until the very end. And judging by this last photo you would think that he had just had the best morning ever! He didn't but at least his hair is now out of his eyes & he sure looks darn cute!


Katie said...

Darling! Even those of him not-so-happy.

Jackie Kelly said...

Oh my! It hurts to be beautiful, doesn't it Joey? All those tears were worth it -- what a handsome little guy! In the first picture with the hat he could pass for one of the "Our Gang" kids. Adorable. Great Mother's Day pix too. Cutie pies, all of them.

Jackie Kelly said...

What a great new header photo of the boys, Cathy!