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Our little guy turned 15 months old today. Constantly on the move running around on his own or chasing after his brothers. With all this movement it's no wonder he is only in the 10th percentile of weight (21 pounds 5 ounces). And he is growing more everyday & is 32.5 inches tall (75th percentile). He is such a happy baby. He is forever talking. More babbling than anything. But we do understand some of his words (Mama, dada, dog, duck, this, that, more, wawa). Teething does not come easy for him. It causes a lot of discomfort & he puts everything in his mouth, but he loves to show off his new teeth when I pull out my camera. I have exactly 3 seconds to capture that cuteness & then he's back on the move. He is still such a mama's boy but he now happily spends some time with his daddy. And he loves all things music. Starts bouncing up & down every time he hears it. Plays with his brothers pretty well & only occasionally provokes them by taking their toys & running away. He is still sleeping all night & getting up very early before 6am. And he absolutely loves going outside. During Johnnie & Joey's nap I took him for a walk & captured some photos of him playing in the yard. And that is a 50th percentile head. I wonder how big a 100% one is. And this last photo is just so Jimmy. Smiley, toothy, cute & happy & how could I forget. Snacking!

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Jackie Kelly said...

Great shots of our littlest guy...such expressions! Love the one of Jimmy with his Daddy. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.