Trick or Treat

A 1st for this family. This was the 1st year that our boys stayed up late enough to go trick or treating. Costumes on, pictures taken & we were off to collect candy. Our Spiderman was so excited to put on his outfit & get going. But by the 4th house he turned to me & said "I wanna go home". I guess he had enough of saying trick or treat, thank you & Happy Halloween. But we did convince him to keep going for another 30 minutes. He just happily walked along holding daddy's hand & talking to him about the decorated houses. The boys would walk up to the house holding daddy's hand & say their bit & then walk away. Please take note of the scary guy they collected candy from. Afterwards Johnnie commented that he didn't like that man. I didn't either. Our baby dinosaur refused to wear his hood but he enjoyed the rest of his costume. After collecting candy he would try unwrapping each piece & put it in his mouth before we could stop him. After awhile he didn't hold out his bag anymore but rather just his hand & say "treat".

Our little pumpkin was such a trooper & stayed up an hour past his bedtime.
Isn't he the cutest little pumpkin you have ever seen? He was carried most of the night by Auntie Kim & occasionally by his princess mama (Johnnie kept asking me to be a princess so I obliged by wearing my wedding tiara- don't get me wrong... I love to pull it out & wear it!) And after 3 attempts at a family photo (with no luck) we decided to call it a night & head home to put the boys to bed & get some dinner.

Hope your evening was full of candy, tricks & treats & lots of smiles!


Megan said...

You can photomerge one of Rick's smiley faces from the first two pics into the last one. I think that last one is great of all of you! Looks like you had a fun night.

Jennifer said...

You are making me feel bad that Halloween pics are still on my camera! :-) Your boys are too cute.

Kayci said...

Aww.. they looked so cute!! Joey is such a stinker, I knew he'd take the hat off! haha ;) Still cute... sad I wasnt there but glad they had fun! Love you. See you soon! Love, Auntie Kayci

J.J. Killins said...

i love those three together!!

Sara said...

The boys looked great. And I know it just broke your heart to wear that tiara again.

Katie said...

Too cute! Love the ones with Rick in them because it gives you a good perspective on how little all the boys still are.

Where's the white dress to go along with it?