Our Local Pumpkin Patch

There was no petting zoo, no hay maze, no corn pit & no extras, but it was a great day. The boys didn't even notice that all these extras were missing. They were only aware of the fact they were allowed to run around the entire pumpkin patch without a parent telling them to stay close & slow down. They had free run of the entire patch for an entire hour. Everywhere Johnnie went & everything Johnnie did, his baby brother Joey went & did as well. And Jimmy joined in when he could.

Johnnie took choosing a pumpkin very seriously. Just look at the concentration of those pursed lips. He must have looked at every pumpkin 3 or 4 times & in the end daddy needed to push him to choose one.
And once he moved on to the next area to look at pumpkins Joey would come along & touch the same pumpkins & mimic his big brother's actions. But he did get a little distracted by the hay. They discovered this wagon & had daddy pull them all through the patch. After a little while they asked for Jimmy to join in who happily obliged. And then once they were bored with this they moved on to a wheelbarrow. Jimmy found this little pumpkin to entertain him once his brothers ran away again. And of course no outing is complete without the attempt at getting a family photo. Again no easy feat with three little ones who would rather be doing anything else but I'm glad we do it. I love the idea of looking back at these photos when the boys are all grown up & seeing what our family looked like all those years ago!

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Megan said...

I love that last one of all of you. It looks like a fabulous time!