Our Little Pumpkin

You are 8 months old now. We celebrated with a visit to the local San Pedro Pumpkin Patch. With Rick feeling under the weather we decided it would be easier to & more fun to go somewhere that is enclosed, less crowded & happy to let the boys run around. Check back soon to see the rest of our Patch visit. For now lets talk about our boy. Crawling like a champ. So fast in fact that we often turn around to address one of his brothers & turn around to find him gone. Therefore the baby gates are back. Each day we feel truly blessed to have a baby who is just so happy ALL the time. It's hard to believe sometimes just how happy he is. Always smiling, giggling, rocking back & forth with joy & just brightening the day of each person he comes in contact with. Especially his mama (& his daddy but he was busy with your older brothers so I didn't get a pic of you with him alone.) And his aunties who never miss a special outing. He now pulls himself up to a standing position to play with his brothers & he's getting very close to cruising along the furniture. Still loves his hands in his mouth & basically just seems to love life. We love you baby boy!


Katie said...

Happy 8 Month Birthday Jimmy! Lorelei sends kisses. :-)
Did you have Friday off (I'm so jealous if you did)!?

Megan said...

What a cutie. I love the pumpkin pictures.

J.J. Killins said...

cathy you look awesome!

Sara said...

Do you have problems of bugs flying in his mouth with all those full mouth smiles. So cute, and JJ is right, you look great.

Jackie Kelly said...

Just catching up on all the blog photos I missed the last week or so. ALL great pix but I especially love the ones of Jimmy in the red bib -- they are absolutely priceless! What a smile! He sure is a happy little guy. Great one of all the boys in the wagon. Wonderful pumpkin pix of Jimmy in his "Little Farmer Jones" outfit. Eight months old -- wow, it's going so fast. Yes, Cathy, you are lookin' good girl! Sweet photo of you and Rick too.

Love and hugs to all,
Jackie & Joe