Ten on Tuesday

1. Our House. Taken one evening after work as I was chasing the boys down the block.I spend so much time inside of it that I often forget what the outside of it looks like.2. On October 3rd I walked in to get Jimmy after naptime & saw this. The beginning of him trying to pull himself up to a standing position. 3. And a second later a happy baby who did it. Definitely time to start putting the crib gate up. 4. Jimmy's first wagon ride. Johnnie rode his tricycle in front of the wagon on our walk but climbed in for the picture when we came home. I see a lot of wagon walks in our future. 5. On Monday, October 5th I walked in to wake the boys up for "school" & didn't find Johnnie in his bed but rather laying with Joey in his. So I ran downstairs to get my camera before they woke up & I'm so glad I was able to catch them sleeping so soundly next to each other.6. Rick & I went out to dinner last month with friends & I'm just now getting around to posting the photo of us. 7. We went to a birthday party a few weeks ago for twins who turned 5 years old. Lucky us (or I should say lucky boys); they were the proud recipients of this car track that the big boy no longer wanted. After setting it up Johnnie started pulling the cars out, Joey climbed inside & Jimmy wanted to figure out how to climb over it to get in the middle. 8. Getting close. I got 2 boys to look at the camera.9. Now that Johnnie got his cars set up to race he was willing to look up. Now if Jimmy could just figure out how to get inside.10. This last photo is a photo from Auntie Kayci's birthday last week. Say Cheese!


Megan said...

I love that you were able to get all three boys looking at you. They sure are busy! I miss wagon rides. Jamie and Jacob together are too heavy since they way almost the same.

J.J. Killins said...

omg that one of the two of them sleeping together! that is awesome.