How Do You Choose?

Every week I take a photo of Jimmy. Have done it for each of my boys to keep a memory of how much they change during their 1st year. I usually take around 3-5 pictures & then I choose the best picture for the scrapbook. Usually it's easy because there is usually one photo that stands out as just him & sometimes because there is only one good photo. But occasionally I take a series of shots (4 in this case), upload them on to the computer & LOVE every one because they are the perfect snapshots of his personality. In these he is just so happy, giggly & wildly excited to be playing cars with his brothers. And it just shows what he is like most of the day as long as he's not tired & is well fed. Thank you for your smiles & for making my choice for the week tough.


Sara said...

There is no way you can choose between those. They are all fantastic.

Katie said...

Such sweet photos. Just makes me smile! That would be a cute series of three photo to hang somewhere. :-)

Jennifer said...

He is just too cute.