The Start to Our Weekend

Rick is having a boys weekend with some good friends from the Academy. He left for Palm Desert a few hours ago. It will be the 1st time I have spent 2 days alone with all of the boys. It will be a crazy, tiring weekend but full of fun times judging from these photos taken tonight. I think we will have lots of dancing. Lots of wrestling. Lots of attempts at crawling. Lots of chewing on toys because of teething. And of course lots of smiles. I'm hoping I will have enough time to pick up my camera this weekend to get a few shots to show daddy what he missed. Hope he has fun playing golf, drinking some beers, playing poker & getting some uninterrupted sleep. Lucky!!


Katie said...

Yep, I'm looking forward to Rick's blog post when you are gone on your girlfriend getaway! :-)

Shelly Z. said...

You are such a nice wife to let him have a weekend away!!!

I LOVED the pay it forward gift. Soooo pretty!!! Thank you!