All is Right in the Bolander Household

now that daddy is back home. He was only gone for 40 hours but I must have heard "Where's Daddy?" a zillion times starting on Saturday morning when I went in to get the boys. I opened the door & saw this. And then Joey immediately asked "Daddy?" with raised shoulders. Even Jimmy seemed a little confused when he only saw me in the morning. But it wasn't long before daddy was home again. When he arrived the boys were in their bedroom playing so daddy went up to greet them. And within seconds he was being attacked & wrestled with. Within minutes I think he felt like he had never left. Jimmy was happy to see daddy when he woke up from his nap. I didn't capture a photo of them together so you will just have to trust me. But I did get a couple of photos to remember what he looked like the day before he turns 30 weeks old. He loves reading books (okay so he just looks at the books) but really intently. Gets as close to the book as he can & then talks to the book. Glad you're home Rick. I missed you too!

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Sara said...

YOU SURVIVED!!! Hope to see you soon my friend, as I miss you.